Sigríður is a lawyer and a member of the Alþingi parliament of Iceland for the Independence Party for the Reykjavík Constituency since 2015. She was Minister of Justice from January 11 2017 to March 14 2019, in two governments. Currently she is chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commitee and Chairman of the Icelandic delegation to the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU). More on Sigríður‘s Parliamentary commitments here.

Sigríður was born in Reykjavík on 21 November 1971. She graduated Cand.jur. (MA equivalent) from the law faculty of University of Iceland in 1999. She was lawyer and an analyst at the Iceland Chamber of Commerce (1999-2005). After two years of maternity leave she started practicing law as an attorney at LEX law office in Reykjavík (2007-2015), up until she took seat at the parliament. From 2008 to 2015 Sigríður was an alternate member of parliament, taking seat on several occasions.

Sigríður was a regular columnist at national newspapers in Iceland for decades, until her taking the position as minister. She was board member of Andriki (1997-2006), a free market think tank aiming at the introduction of libertarian views with daily on-line commentaries (  for two decades (1997-2017).

In the political arena Sigríður has served various positions of responsibility within the Independence Party from the age of 15 when she joined the party.

Sigríður was chairman of the Spanish – Icelandic bilateral Chamber of Commerce (2007-2011). She sat on the Judiciary Board (2004-2009) and on a Board on Revision of Legislation on Real Estate Property Rights (2013-2014), both by appointments of minister of justice.

In 2013, when the Icelandic state faced unlawful claims by UK and Netherland authorities regarding debts of one of Iceland’s private banks (ICESAVE accounts) Sigríður was co-founder of Advice – the “NO to Icesave” campaign in a national referendum on a proposed deal the Icelandic government had planned to sign with the respective countries. In that referendum the deal was rejected by a good majority vote. Subsequently the dispute between the countries was concluded in EFTA court with total victory for Iceland. The UK and Netherland’s claims were deemed without any grounds.

Sigríður is married to Glúmur Björnsson, chemist, born 1969. They have two daughters, born 2005 and 2009. Fortunately for Sigriður they all are interested in politics in broad sense and policy work. But they all also enjoy their sport of choice and hobbies of all kind, Sigríður the gym and knitting.

Icelandic is the national language in Iceland. Sigríður also speaks English, Spanish and Danish. Her high school french awaits improvements.